Project Programming Guide

This section of the documentation provides specific information about how to write client and server components to interface with SLINC. The three types of components that can be developed separately for each public resource computing project are the work unit generator, result validator, and the science application. Each of these components communicates with SLINC via XML-RPC. A full specification of all XML-RPCs available to project developers can be found in Appendix D: XML-RPC Interface Specification. We encourage all new project developers to look at the example components included with the framework; we believe that these are valuable resources when developing a public resource computing project for the first time with SLINC.

There are two ways in which the project components can be developed. We have developed template components that can be modified to quickly build the project components. Alternatively, project developers can write all of the code for the components themselves. The Template Components section of this guide describes how to use the templates to build project components, and the Original Components section of the guide explains how to build the components without using the templates.